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CTA LSTのfocalplane instrument の資料置き場

CTA indico

Light Collection Efficiency

Light Collection Efficiency Budget Document

SST LG arXiv:1404.2734v1, J. A. Aguilar et. al. Astroparticle Physics, 60 (2015), 32-40

MST LG arXiv:1309.4252v2, SPIE 2013, 883405 (18 September 2013); doi: 10.1117/12.2024049 

Okumura Cone: arXive:1205.3968, Astroparticle Physics 38 (2012) 18-24 

ESR cone by Okumura arXiv:1508.07776v1, icrc2015

Okumra Presentation (2014.07.23) 

Okumura JINST paper 2017, JINST 12 P12008, arXiv:1711.02367

LST requirements 2013

LST Camera Specifications 2014

CTA Preliminary Technical Design Report 2013

LST Technical Design Report 2014

LST Light Collection Efficiency Budget 2017.08.08

NSB Masuda Presen 2014 ASJ

Takahashi, NSB estimation (2014.02.06)

D.04.01-Camera_specifications (in CTA page)

LST Camera Specification (Authors: Miquel Barcelo, Barcelo Date: 27/09/2012 Size: 122KB)

LST Camera Specifications - Master (Authors: Miquel Barcelo, Barcelo Date: 19/08/2014 Size: 1MB)