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  • 空気シャワー電波ワークショップ2015
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(Link to 2014 workshop)

Workshop for Observation of Radio Emission from Air-shower 2015

Date : March. 8. 2015.  13:00~17:00

Place : ICRR Univ. of Tokyo 6 floor Video meeting room


Contents : Observation of high-energy cosmic ray using radio detector is becoming one of the key topics for the future project due to the resent progress of microwave detector. Several experiments are being performed in Japan and this workshop is organized to exchange knowledge of these activities and to discuss future plans. In this workshop, we will discuss recent results from measurements of radio emission from the Electron Light Source constructed in the Telescope Array observatory in Utah USA.


Contact : tokonatu at

Registration : No registration required


Program :

 13:00 ~ 17:00







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